System Requirements:
  • Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 8/8.1 Enterprise
    Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Pro
    Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
    Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • CPU Type Minimum Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor
  • Memory For 32-bit AutoCAD MEP 2016:
    2 GB (3 GB recommended)

    For 64-bit AutoCAD MEP 2016:
    4 GB (8 GB recommended)
  • Display Resolution 1280x1024 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color
  • Display Card Windows display adapter capable of 1024x768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX9.
    DirectX11 compliant card recommended.
  • Disk Space Installation 12 GB
  • Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant device
  • Media Download
  • Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later)
  • .NET Framework .NET Framework Version 4.5
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Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2016

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Available: 10+
AutoCAD® MEP software helps you draft, design, and document building systems. Create more accurate designs within a familiar AutoCAD-based environment. Increase productivity with automated drafting tasks, manufacturers’ parts, and interference detection.


AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture support Work on flat 2D AutoCAD floor plans or AutoCAD Architecture geometric model architectural floor plans with AutoCAD MEP software. Use referenced architectural floor plans to design, tag, annotate, and create construction documentation of MEP system design.
Automatic space and zone calculation Assign engineering spaces from existing 2D architectural floor plans or AutoCAD Architecture geometric designs. Calculate room measurements automatically, including square footage, meters, and volumes per area. Use space and zone information when exporting to gbXML for import into Green Building Studio web-based energy analysis service or third-party analysis programs.
IFC data support Create, manage, and share MEP CAD data with others in the design process with Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data. IFC export recognizes MEP objects from within AutoCAD MEP and exports them, along with MEP systems and their connectivity, to corresponding IFC Building Services entities and types.
Web-based help and learning tools Use the Autodesk Knowledge Network to access a community filled with pertinent learning information. Get access to integrated web-based help content, tips and tricks, and aggregated content to help support your continued learning.

Constuction and content

Revision cloud Specify the default type of revision cloud: Freehand, Polygonal, Rectangular, or Object. The Annotation Scale automatically scales the length of the revision cloud arc. This results in a consistent appearance in views with different scales.
Section enhancements New enhancements help improve the way you work. You can now:
• Refresh all sections in your drawing with a single click, and automatically update a selection set when objects are added.
• Select the rise and fall of symbols in sections for duct and pipes when any portion of the object is within the section volume.
• Create new section lines and generate section results with a single command.
Enhanced documentation Create 3D models in AutoCAD MEP software and convert them to 2D for documentation needs. Improvements in the command line include the ability to auto-complete and differentiate commands and system variables. A wide palette of fonts and colors helps you create better-looking documentation. Improve drafting and modeling productivity with enhanced associative arrays.
Integrated content search Use AutoCAD Content Explorer to quickly search for design files, objects, and content within AutoCAD MEP software. Easily search local and network drives for files containing content and objects to use within the design environment. Content search allows for more consistent company and industry standards, as well as use of real-world content.
AutoCAD block and symbol conversion Individually convert or batch-convert single or multiple AutoCAD blocks, MvBlocks, or MvParts to a device or schematic symbol. Extrude standard 2D blocks to create a 3D solid, and then add connectors to create AutoCAD MEP content for your MEP designs. In addition, you can convert AutoCAD blocks to orthographic symbols, as well as isometric symbols to facilitate your schematic design documentation.
Drawing management Manage project drawings more easily by creating coordinated views based on MEP design parameters. MEP design team members can access a centralized project directory of the most current documents, from project templates to sections and elevations.
Pipe content and routing preferences Create more realistic pipe designs. Use routing preferences inside the application with sloped piping and male x female routing. Take advantage of specific piping content created for AutoCAD MEP.

Productivity and usability

Style Browser Navigate, search, and add object styles more efficiently. Dynamic search and a variety of sources and libraries help speed your work. Import preferred styles and add objects of a selected style to the current drawing. Customize the appearance of previews in the Style Browser.
Property visibility override Now you can override visibility and order settings under Property Set Definitions in the Style Manager. After you've adjusted these settings to your needs, you can disable the properties to prevent them from being changed.
Elbow duct fitting Choose the type of elbow that best fits your design when the sizes on both sides of the duct are equal. You can select Use Reducing Elbow, Use Straight Elbow and Reducer, or the new Use Reducing Elbow If Needed setting.

Status bar The Application status bar now includes the Display Configuration and Cut Plane tools. The status bar wraps onto 2 lines so that you can see all the selected controls. The Drawing status bar has been removed.
Automated property set definitions You can automatically attach property set definitions to architectural objects to complete quantity takeoff calculations. Attach new, modified, or existing property set definitions to newly created objects and their styles, as well as to existing objects.
Annotation and unit scaling When you change drawing units, object tags, text, and other annotation-scaled objects are properly modified. You have the option to rescale model and paper space objects, to rescale only model space objects, or not to rescale any existing objects.
Display order by layer Control the way architectural and MEP systems are displayed on construction documents. Set an order for layers in a list, and apply the display order for objects on each layer. Preview changes to the display order before they are applied to ensure that changes are predictable.
Block swap Easily edit your components as your design changes. Assign a different definition to block instances without re-creating the block.
Point clouds Save time and increase accuracy by using point cloud data to generate existing building conditions in MEP projects within AutoCAD MEP software. Bring 3D scans to life for renovation, retrofit, and restoration projects. Visualize the points more quickly and snap to the surface of your scanned objects directly within your modeling workspace.
UI Finder Use the Finder to easily locate frequently used commands directly from within Help content. An animated arrow points to the tool location in the user interface and in the status bar and Application menu.

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Great product, had a problem initially downloading, emailed customer services, they responded within two hours giving me a detailed work list, it worked, I now have office 2010 and I am thrilled with it. I will certainly use this software store in the future. Thanks Guys.