System Requirements:
  • Supported OS Recommended:
    64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1

    64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1
  • CPU Type Recommended
    Intel® Xeon® E3 or Core i7 or equivalent, 3.0 GHz or greater

    64-bit Intel® or AMD, 2 GHz or faster
  • Memory Recommended
    16 GB RAM or more
    250 GB free disk space or more

    8 GB RAM for less than 500 part assemblies
    100 GB free disk space
  • Graphics Hardware Recommended
    Microsoft® Direct3D 11® capable graphics card or higher

    Microsoft® Direct3D 10® capable graphics card or higher

    OpenGL 3.0 or higher is required for Autodesk® ReCap®
  • Display Resolution 1280 x 1024
  • Browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10 or higher
  • Third-Party Software Full local install of Microsoft® Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 for iFeatures, iParts, iAssemblies, thread related commands, clearance/threaded hole creation, Global BOM, Parts Lists, Revision Tables, spreadsheet-driven designs and Studio animation of Positional Representations. Excel Starter®, Online Office 365® and OpenOffice® are not supported.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 SP1
  • Pointing Device MS Mouse compliant
  • Media USB 3.0
  • Network Internet connection
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Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2016

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Included Products

Design, visualize, and simulate products with 3D mechanical design, product simulation, and tooling software.

Speed documentation, share ideas, and explore 3D concepts with powerful design and documentation tools.

Get AutoCAD, plus standards-based parts and tools for automating mechanical CAD tasks.

Add powerful raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools to AutoCAD-based software.

Capture and integrate reality data directly into your design process with ReCap reality capture software and services.

Manage, track, and organize your CAD data directly from your design application.

Create cinematic-quality visuals and movies from your CAD models to help market and sell your designs.

Integrate data from multiple sources to facilitate project review, visualization, and collaboration.

Use standards-based symbols and tools with AutoCAD to automate common electrical engineering CAD tasks.

Improve the design review process by easily transforming CAD data into compelling imagery and presentations.

Develop and communicate 3D product designs from concept to final surfaces.

Engineering Design Productivity

Integrated electrical and mechanical design Integrate electrical designs with cable and harness control systems using Inventor for routed systems, combined with AutoCAD Electrical software. Incorporating cable and harness runs into your 3D digital prototype enables you to calculate accurate path lengths, avoid small-radius bends, and ensure that electrical components fit into the mechanical assembly before manufacturing.
Sheet metal design Simplify the design of complex mechanical sheet metal parts. Inventor 3D CAD software combines manufacturing information—such as punch tool parameters and custom bend tables—with an accurate 3D model of sheet metal folding. Manufacturing engineers can also use the flat-pattern editing environment to tweak flat patterns to help minimize manufacturing costs.
Free-form modeling shape creation Create organic shapes and incorporate free-form and parametric workflows into a single model. These tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create free-form models using direct manipulation. Start with a free-form shape that best represents the desired geometry (box, sphere, cylinder, torus, or quadball). Then, adjust the shape using the free-form edit tools.
Customizable Inventor Home dashboard Customize the Inventor Home to easily access common tasks. Inventor Home functions like a personal dashboard and offers basic or full template display. An expanded list of recently used files includes rich information in the tooltip, and you can pin a working file to locate it more easily. Use tabs to switch to specific file areas, and quickly access Team Web, Help, and Tutorials.
3D mechanical design Define your product's physical characteristics with an integrated set of design engineering tools. This toolset supports sheet metal, plastic parts, cable and harness, structural steel framework, fabricated weldments, and electromechanical design.
3D assembly design Inventor 3D CAD software provides the tools to create, control, define digital prototypes, and manage data for large complex assembly designs. Work on only the components required to complete a particular part of the design. Validate interference and mass properties for quality products the first time. Inventor combines design accelerators with assembly tools, so you can be sure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly.
Plastic part design Get maximum flexibility by combining native Inventor geometry with exterior surface models designed with Alias industrial design software. The relationship between Alias and Inventor can reduce time to market. Engineers can start detailed designs earlier, and mechanical engineers can more easily incorporate changes from the industrial design team.
Rules-based design/automation Fully integrated Inventor iLogic technology can dramatically simplify rules-based design, so that any Inventor user—with little or no programming experience—can capture and embed product engineering and knowledge directly into virtual models. The iCopy feature automates the process of copying components, so you can easily customize commonly used assemblies.
Tube and pipe runs Use Inventor Professional 3D CAD software to streamline the design of complex routed elements. Rules-based routing tools select the correct fittings and help ensure that pipe runs comply with your standards for segment length, round-off increments, and bend radius.
Mold, and tool and die Inventor Professional software automates key aspects of injection mold design for plastic parts. Quickly create and validate complete mold designs, reducing errors and improving mold performance. With its intuitive mold design workflow, the software guides you through the mold design process in a way that is natural for the experienced user and supportive for the novice.
Sketch constraint control Get your sketches in shape more quickly and easily with constraint tools and settings. With Relax Mode, you can modify already constrained geometries. Gain greater control over constraints with improved display, inference, and delete options. A single Constraint Settings command includes settings related to Sketch constraints.

Documentation And Data Sharing

Native support for DWG files With direct read and write for true RealDWG® file format, you can share critical design data with partners and customers. Product Design Suite includes Inventor, which enables engineers to integrate AutoCAD software drawings and 3D CAD data into a single digital model to create a virtual representation of the final product.
Engineering drafting and documentation tools Maximize productivity with automation, management, and editing tools designed for drafting, minimizing repetitive tasks.
Building Information Modeling interoperability The Inventor software included in the suite offers enhanced tools for engineers and fabricators who work with architects, builders, and contractors. Easy-to-use tools simplify geometry and reduce model complexity. Feature recognition capabilities can represent your Inventor designs with native elements recognized by Revit building design software.
AnyCAD Product Design Suite offers enhanced CAD translation tools, including native translators that read and write files from other CAD applications. Inventor software in the suite also includes translators for standard formats, such as IGES and STEP. These translators enable you to accept and supply data in customers' preferred formats.
In-product data management Manage your design data and avoid duplication of effort with integrated data management tools. Save time and money with a streamlined change management system, accurate bills of materials (BOMs), and the ability to share digital models with your team, customers, and suppliers.

Product Simulation And Design Validation

Assembly-level finite element analysis (FEA) Reduce cost and improve product performance with stress analysis tools that can help predict how product designs will perform under real-world conditions. Increase the accuracy and reliability of your design stress analysis with Inventor Professional 3D CAD software. Use integrated FEA to predict stress and deflection with accurate peak loads by transferring reaction forces from simulation time steps to stress analysis.
Dynamic simulation Use integrated motion simulation and stress analysis tools—not intuition—to enhance your design decisions and help predict performance. The motion simulation feature uses the assembly constraints in your 3D model to identify relevant rigid bodies, generate correct motion joints, and compute dynamic behavior. This functionality can help you to understand how the design behaves, including the position, velocity, and acceleration of moving parts.

Visualization And Conceptual Design

Flexible product modeling Experiment with ideas and pursue innovative solutions to design challenges with flexible modeling tools. Quickly explore and visualize forms using a range of 3D modeling techniques. Edit and sculpt 3D models as you work with fast, repeatable, curve-based tools. Choose the best modeling technique for the task at hand. Generate multiple conceptual design iterations quickly, and make subtle corrections or radical changes easily with flexible design tools.
Explore design concepts in AutoCAD Use AutoCAD design and documentation software to create 2D conceptual sketches. Maximize reuse of 2D AutoCAD data and rapidly create detailed part and assembly 3D models in Inventor 3D CAD software.
Cinematic-quality rendering and 3D animation Use sophisticated 3D product visualization tools in 3ds Max 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing software to demonstrate design intent.
Real-time design visualization Design visualization, illustration, and animation tools in Inventor enable you to create realistic representations of your designs. Clear visuals make it easier for stakeholders and customers without expert experience to understand engineering drawings and designs. Quickly create photorealistic CAD renderings and animations that can convey ideas to managers, explain designs to manufacturers, and persuade customers that you have the best solution for their needs.

Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2016

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